KEMPER FÜLL-MATIC - Heating system filling stations

Figure 365
Figure 365 profile

KEMPER FÜLL-MATIC heating system filling combination BA secures drinking water against non-potable water up to and including Fluid Category 4

The KEMPER FÜLL-MATIC 4 permanently connects the heating system with the drinking water system. That makes filling and refilling permanently comfortable and safe. The integrated safeguards reliably prevent non-potable water from the heating system from getting into the drinking water network. And that safeguards heating systems with inhibitors up to Fluid Category 4 according to the European standard DIN EN 1717. In drinking water heating systems, with increasing calcification attention needs to be paid to the heat transmission and to undesired temperature increases on the heat transmission surfaces. According to VDI 2035-1, water softening units need to be provided independent of the capacity or in compliance with the total carbonate hardness for the filling and make-up water. If the water softening unit is required, this can only be implemented using a heating system filling combination.

Advantages at a glance

  • Comfortable filling and refilling of the heating system through permanent connection
  • Safe, since in conformance with standards according to DIN EN 1717
  • Compact mounting type by integrating stopping the stopping, dirt trap, pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge and backflow preventer BA
  • Constant refill pressure through integrated pressure reducing valve
  • Connection facilities for all common piping systems
  • High-grade, in proven gunmetal quality, resistant to aggressive water
  • Simple maintenance through integrated access surfaces
  • Tried and tested insulation technology according to the requirements of EnEV, Building Material Class B1
  • DVGW certificate pending