KEMPER MULTI-FIX circulation regulating valve

The static solution for anyone who wants to regulate manually

With MT Figure 150 1G
With FT Figure 151 01

Temperature and throttle setting display can be read at a glance!

For manual hydraulic balancing in the circulation system the lowest flow rates can be manually adjusted with the MULTI-FIX circulation regulating valve from KEMPER. For maintenance work, the valve can be closed without changing the selected throttle preset.

Advantages at a glance

  • With stop and drainage for maintenance work
  • With permanently fixed throttle preset facility
  • Including the thermometer and optionally available with temperature sensor
  • With self-lubricating EPDM lip seal made of maintenance-free stem seals
  • Made entirely of gunmetal, resistant to aggressive water
  • Stagnant-zone-free
  • DIN/DVGW and soundproofing certificate
  • KTW certificate for plastic parts in contact with water

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Branch plan - Extract from a major project

KEMPER regulating valves for compliance with hygiene and comfort demands, e.g. in a hotel, hospital or nursing home. The KEMPER ETA-THERM floor regulating valve ensures hydraulic balancing of individual sanitary blocks. Hydraulic balancing of individual riser branches is taken care of by the KEMPER MULTI-FIX static circulation regulating valves.